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Distractions, Multi-Tasking and Work Overload

Distractions One of the biggest sources of distraction in the workplace today is technology. Phones, tablets, laptops, messages, emails all have the capability to cause even the smallest disruption. More often than not when running meetings and workshops I have to remind people about these distractions. There are a couple of basic rules that I […]

The Project Mindset

The Project Mindset I have been thinking about this topic for many years. Is the Project Mindset real? Is there a culture or a set of habits or behaviours that can define the Project Mindset? What makes some people more suited to projects than others? What are the traits to look for when selecting a […]

The Impact of Pharmaceutical Serialization in Your Organization

Pharmaceutical Serialization Serialization in the pharmaceutical industry requires the individual identification of each individual saleable unit. i.e. each vial or syringe or pack of tablets must have an individual serial number identifying the pack back to source, date and time of manufacture providing full traceability. Previously legislation only required products to be identifiable to a […]

The Challenging Ones and How to Manage Them

Trying Times with Difficult People At some stage in your working life you are bound to come across the challenging people, the ones that are not cooperative and are sometimes downright difficult. This perspective of someone is generally defined by their behaviour. This can include but is not limited to: Disrupting Meetings Taking Everything Personally […]

The Difficult Conversation…….That Could Save Your Business

The Scenario – Non Performing Team Member There appears to be an increasing reluctance for management to engage in the difficult or challenging conversations. Recently a client of mine called me looking for support in managing a difficult employee. The difficult employee happened to be an Operations Manager with a responsibility for running a department […]