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The Difficult Conversation…….That Could Save Your Business

The Scenario – Non Performing Team Member There appears to be an increasing reluctance for management to engage in the difficult or challenging conversations. Recently a client of mine called me looking for support in managing a difficult employee. The difficult employee happened to be an Operations Manager with a responsibility for running a department […]

CAPA Management – Part 2

CAPA Management Part 2 – Continued from CAPA Management Part 1 Corrective Action Objective To generate a plan of action that will that will eliminate or reduce the incidence of the root cause of the deviation, failure, or breakdown. Developing the Corrective Action Consider the following elements when preparing and documenting the corrective action plan […]

CAPA Management – Part 1

CAPA CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) is a deviation management process that focuses on the systematic investigation of discrepancies, adverse events, or failures. If used correctly, the CAPA process will provide a means to prevent the deviation from recurring. How…? •It provides a structured platform to conduct an systematic investigation of the deviation. •The investigation […]

5 Steps to Kick Start Any Project

Project Charter Draft a Project Charter that describes the project in concise terms. What is the purpose of the project? (Why is the project being rolled out?) What is the scope of the Project? What are the main deliverables? What are the key milestones? List the risks, assumptions and interdependencies? What is the project budget? […]

Project Team Motivation

The Project Keeping project teams motivated always poses a challenge particularly when a project can span over months and sometimes years. Over time energy levels and enthusiasm can be in short supply even among the most dynamic groups of individuals. The problems normally start way back at the team selection stage of the project. Do […]

Unlimited Access to People – Good Or Bad?

Modern Corporate Life The modern corporate world isn’t getting any easier in which to survive and prosper. Access to people is almost ubiquitous. Individuals appear to be getting more and more emails. Mobile phones are a permanent fixture in most people’s hands. Instant messaging is taking the place of real communication. A couple of years […]