The Project Sponsor – How good is yours?

The Project Sponsor What is a Project Sponsor?  Simply put, a project sponsor is the clients representative on a project. As a project manager one of the many challenges we face is working with and seeking support from the project sponsor. The role of a project sponsor starts before the appointment of the project manager. […]


Essential Advice for a Project Manager

Project Managers Many people aspire to become a project manager early in their career. There may also be a scenario where their company needs a project to be managed and therefore an opportunity presents itself. What normally happens is some training in the organization’s project management procedures followed by some formal training by a third […]

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Controlling Project Scope and Preventing Creep

Project Scope Creep Although our organization specializes in the rescuing and salvaging of troubled or failing projects, we spend a lot of time reviewing performance and results to understand where the project when wrong in the first instance. Saving a project before it needs to be saved is a much more positive experience than arriving […]

The PM v BA on a Project

The PM Role and BA Role on a Project One of the main challenges in setting up a project is defining the roles. No two roles’ boundaries are as close and in some areas overlapping as the roles of the Project Manager and the Business Analyst. Both the PM and BA play leadership roles—the PM […]

The Project Mindset

The Project Mindset I have been thinking about this topic for many years. Is the Project Mindset real? Is there a culture or a set of habits or behaviours that can define the Project Mindset? What makes some people more suited to projects than others? What are the traits to look for when selecting a […]