CAPA Management – Part 1

CAPA CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) is a deviation management process that focuses on the systematic investigation of discrepancies, adverse events, or failures. If used correctly, the CAPA process will provide a means to prevent the deviation from recurring. How…? •It provides a structured platform to conduct an systematic investigation of the deviation. •The investigation […]

project management

5 Key Components of Project Delivery

Project Execution and Delivery Weekly priorities and goals need to be set from the beginning. Set out a culture of delivery and accountability from the very start. On large projects – some team members can coast their way through the first few weeks of a project and before you know it – you are behind […]

5 Steps to Kick Start Any Project

Project Charter Draft a Project Charter that describes the project in concise terms. What is the purpose of the project? (Why is the project being rolled out?) What is the scope of the Project? What are the main deliverables? What are the key milestones? List the risks, assumptions and interdependencies? What is the project budget? […]


Want to Convince Your Clients? Just Be Honest.

Whether you’re in a direct sales role, in a support role or a technical role, you will be expected to convince someone to do something at some stage in your career. That may be a decision or a purchase or a choice of some description but we all need convincing skills. Look at the dictionary […]


Are You Making Every Meeting Count?

  The Meeting Something occurred to me recently. Why are most meetings set up for 1 hour? And why are there so many meetings every day of our working lives? The 1 hour meeting seems to be the standard easy option. I have to stop and think what sort of planning has gone into a […]