Projects Consulting – MES Systems, Project Delivery & Regulatory Compliance

We have a vast range of experience in MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and regulatory audit preparation and assessment. We offer our knowledge as project consulting.

Based on over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and business systems, we can support you in identifying the needs of your business to ensure you receive maximum benefit.

Regulatory and compliance audits can have a huge impact on your business.

Our specific knowledge of regulated industries such as pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical has been gained over 20 years of supporting some of the world’s largest manufacturers through projects and audits.

We can ensure that the requirements of your MES is based on business needs and regulatory compliance.


Improve performance | add value to your business

Successful implementation of manufacturing systems in your organization is critical to the success of your business. Measuring and monitoring performance in the delivery of projects will dictate how you can improve performance.

Have your business requirements been gathered effectively?

Have you properly assessed the impact of MES on your Business?

What are your key indicators of MES performance?

Do you have the right people in your organization?

Have you properly assessed their development needs?

With the above questions as a starting point we can equip you, your team and your organization with the techniques, strategy and clarity to focus on the areas that will deliver real benefit and ultimately move your business to a different level of performance.

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) systems can provide real business benefit once the the requirements of your business and the relevant regulatory requirements have been understood and documented. We have an effective process for MES User Requirements gathering that has been proven with many clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

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