Digital Transformation Masterclass

Date: 16th and 17th May 2024  Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny

Cost: €1000 per company with a max of 4 attendees per company.

Course Overview

We have partnered with the Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet to bring you a Digital Transformation Masterclass for Manufacturing.

Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies have been combined with deep industry insight to create this programme that will set you and your organisation up for success on your digital journey. This executive programme has been designed to enable Manufacturing leaders to address digital challenges.

Attendees will learn a distinct, actionable process to define the solution and requirements. Equip yourself with tools and methods to plan strategy, deliver, manage, and realise the benefits of digital transformation. Address systemic change in the Manufacturing work environment and take control of digital now.

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Who is this Course for?

This course designed for professionals working within Manufacturing whose organisations are planning or in the process of digital transformation. This course addresses the particular challenges that project leaders and senior management in Manufacturing within the organization face, at all steps of a digital journey. The program provides valuable insight and knowledge, practical tools and techniques to senior managers and leaders from all disciplines in Manufacturing including Quality, Supply Chain & IT.

What topics will this Course cover?

You will follow repeatable steps to help you design digital transformation, combining rigour and creativity to identify the best solution for your organisation. Sessions will focus on topics such as design thinking, testing, project management and results measurement.

Day 1
Orientation, Framing the Challenge & Defining the Why?

Analyse digital capability gaps in the organisation

Design Thinking for Requirements Gathering and Solution Definition
Prototyping & Testing To Learn
Choosing Solutions and Digital Technologies
Day 2
Benefits Estimation/Realization  and Understanding

The Impact of Digital on your business

Define Business Value

Defining a Digital Roadmap, Planning, Executing a Digital Strategy
Exercise/Workshop: Application of Tools and Methodologies
Program Review and Next Steps
Follow Up Session (Online)
Review of applying the Digital Transformation strategy to innovate additional processes, solutions and services
Digital Transformation Strategy Activation – Reviews and Recommendations

Why attend:

Based on over 50 years of industry experience, the 2-day master class will guide the attendees through the process of Digital transformation in manufacturing from initial stages through design, implementation and benefit realization.

The class will provide the tools and techniques to enable the organization to develop and roll out their own digital road map for their business.

The manufacturing landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with Industry 4.0 introducing technologies that are revolutionising processes and operations. In this landscape, design thinking serves as a tool that can:

Increase Competitiveness: Equip your organisation to stay a step ahead in the highly competitive markets by offering products that truly match customer needs and requirements.

Encourage Collaborative Problem-Solving: Breaking silos and encouraging cross-functional teams to co-create solutions that are both practical and relevant.

Systeme Project management

Foster Innovation: Encouraging a culture where ideas flourish, where innovation is the norm rather than the exception.

Enhance Productivity: By focusing on real needs, manufacturing processes become more streamlined and efficient.

Digital Transformation Considerations

An important component of preparing an organisation for what is to come, is readiness. Below is a checklist to help you assess your readiness to define your digital roadmap. It will also identify any gaps or obstacles that you need to overcome before starting your digital journey. The checklist can also be used to assess your current position if digital transformation has already started in your organisation.

Responses will highlight potential issues that need to be addressed before they become problems. They can sometimes help you determine if your organisation’s people are ready for change and if they have the cap ability and resources needed to for success.

Benefits of This Course

  • Get Started on your Digital journey
  • Adopt a proven process for Digital Transformation
  • Understand the challenges for your business
  • Create a Road Map for Digital Transformation
  • Estimate the specific benefits for your business
  • Learn how to bring your people on the journey

One simple process, from requirement specification to delivery:

  • Specify the correct user requirements
  • Align Digital Transformation deliverables to business needs
  • Design the solution
  • Prototype the Solution
  • Test and qualify for Use

Meet the Instructors

Barry Curry – Digital Transformation and Manufacturing Systems Specialist

Derval Kennedy – Digital Transformation and Business Change Management Specialist

Digital Transformation Readiness Check List

Where are you on your digital transformation journey?

Have you started Digital Transformation in your organization yet?

Have you encountered any challenges yet?

If you were to start over again would you do anything differently?

Section 1: Why Digital Transformation?

Is our organisation clear on the ’why’?

Have we involved all the relevant stakeholders?

Is everyone aligned on the benefits of Digital Transformation for our business?

Do we know what success looks like? Have metrics been identified and agreed for benefit estimation and benefit realisation?

Is digital transformation success tracked and reported?

Are all stakeholders aligned on our business KPIs?

Section 2: What will we deliver?

Is our organisation clear on what is needed to be delivered to achieve these benefits?

Is the scope of Digital Transformation clearly defined?

Have we taken a customer-centric approach to defining the requirements?

Are the dependencies and risks understood by all stakeholders?

Section 3: How will we deliver Digital Transformation?

Do we have a clear implementation plan communicated to all?

Is our digital transformation roadmap well documented and articulated?

Have we fully defined what areas of the plant will be transformed, to what level and in what order?

Have we identified and actioned the governance that is needed?

Do we fully understand, agree, and accept any impact on the business during implementation?

Are we prepared to fail, fast and small? How will we capture our learnings?

Have we secured buy-in from all stakeholders on the implementation and roadmap?

Do we have clear company-wide communication channels for ensuring transparency and engagement?

Section 4: Who will deliver, support, advocate?

Have we clearly identified the resources needed from our organisation to support, participate, and deliver successful transformation and for how long?

Have we considered and actioned what training, coaching and support that will be required?

Have we identified all stakeholders? Internal & External?

Do we have champions to herald the progress & generate cross-team involvement & collaborative contribution?

Do we have air cover when required to ensure commitment on the ground?

Section 5: When will we start?

Are we confident with when we should get started? The best time to start on digital transformation was 5 years ago. The second-best time is now!!!

Are we comfortable with the level of activity on the site in the short to mid-term and how this will be impacted by digital transformation? and vice versa?

Have we gathered input from all stakeholders to ensure we are aware of all internal and external factors that may impact our timing?