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MES Management Training

Managers in all industries and organisations are faced with many challenges while carrying out their duties and responsibilities. From overcoming daily operational issues, IT problems and budget constraints to dealing with restructuring, payroll and managing people – priorities are often subject to change. The need to effectively manage your people always involves a degree of flexibility and an ability to empower, motivate and inspire your team to achieve business objectives.

Mentoring & Coaching

Build successful teams

Our MSE Management Training is designed to bring focus and clarity to your day-to-day management responsibilities, and keep you on track to achieve key objectives. To enable you to manage and support challenging employees, we have developed a training module to help identify negative behaviour. The module will enable you to address underlying issues, manage the employee back to success, or handle dismissal procedures.

Our mentoring and coaching program provides a wealth of support to help managers achieve success, personally and professionally.

Empowered by MSE Management Training and Coaching

You will benefit from our proven techniques and strategies to:

  • Energise managers
  • Motivate teams
  • Improve productivity
  • Maximise business performance

Improve your business performance with elite training

We have over 20 years of experience in MES Project Management and have honed our skills within the Life Science, Pharma and Manufacturing sectors.  We offer:

  • One-to-one consulting
  • Group training sessions
  • Online modules

Your people are your greatest asset AND liability.  Find out more about our comprehensive mentoring and coaching modules.

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Life Science Mentoring and Coaching

Building on our decades of experience in Life Science projects, we are pleased to offer Life Science Mentoring and Coaching programs.  Through expert mentoring and coaching, managers within the sector can improve productivity by quickly identifying and remediating skills gap within their workforce.

Pharma Mentoring and Coaching

Through working closely with the pharmaceutical industry, we have remained at the forefront of helping pharma organisations improve their business processes and performance.  By understanding their needs, we have developed a specific training program for the sector to maximise potential.

Manufacturing Mentoring and Coaching

Our strong links with the manufacturing industry have enabled us to identify specific trends, training and skills gaps in the industry.  Using this knowledge, we have put together industry-specific training to educate managers and facilitate positive proactive action.