Projects Consulting – MES Systems, Project Delivery & Regulatory Compliance

With 20 years of experience providing MES Project Consultancy, we understand that effective solutions require a bespoke approach. As part of our MES Project Consultancy Solutions, we take the time to get to know your business, employees and ambitions. Based on your business needs, we will equip you with tried and tested techniques, strategy and clarity to hone in on the key areas that will most benefit your business and improve overall performance.


What can MES Project Consulting do for your business?

  • Improve business performance

  • Cut the complexities associated with implementing a new system

  • Prepare for regulatory audits & assessments

  • Simplify compliance

  • Empower you to take control of your projects

What do MES Project Consultants offer?

When you enlist the help of an MES Project Consultant, you get expert advice and guidance acquired through years of working alongside the largest manufacturers in the world.  Your dedicated Project Consultant will seek to understand your business, processes, people and ambitions.  By engaging your team in the process, they will remain committed to the process of implementation. Successful implementation of manufacturing systems in your organisation is critical to the success of your business – and is everyone’s responsibility.

Considering your MES requirements

  • Have your business requirements been gathered effectively?
  • Have your properly assessed the impact of MES on your business?
  • What are your key indicators of MES performance?
  • Do you have the right people in your organisation?
  • Have you properly assessed their development needs?

In addition, your MES Project Consultant will measure and monitor performance and gather MES User Requirements using tried and trusted methods.

Trust the MES Experts

We have a vast range of expertise in Manufacturing Execution Systems, regulatory auditing and compliance.  Having supported the world’s largest pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers, you can rely on us to improve performance and add value to your business.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Experts in the pharmaceutical, biopharma, life sciences and manufacturing
  • Proven methodologies and processes

Ongoing MES support

We provide ongoing training, support and consultation for MES.  For more critical business issues, our expert team can provide direct intervention services including troubleshooting, MES Project recovery and MES Project management support

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