Rescue and Revive Troubled Projects

In many situations, it is almost the norm for projects to experience challenges.

If project issues are not monitored, managed and controlled with the correct response – the project can begin to fail.

Particularly on large projects scope, budget and schedule can spiral out of control rapidly – having a negative impact on your business in terms of performance and reputation.

Project Management
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If the project is part of your key business objectives for a year – once troubled this will have far reaching effects on all areas of your business as extra resources seek to get to the heart of the problem. Project Managers and teams can become demoralized and this will push the project closer to the point of non-redemption.

We have developed and honed a process for rescuing and reviving troubled projects that has been proven time and time again. The process is simple, fact based and above all, it is prompt. This is not a long drawn out investigation it is a time based pointed process that yields results after a short engagement.

Our strategy to rescue and revive failing projects will identify the root cause of the project problems swiftly. The next step is to re-assess the project deliverables, re-plan, re-focus and kick start the project back on the road success.

In addition to rescuing the project – the skills needed to prevent a recurrence of such issues, i.e. identifying early warning signs, proper management and control procedures will be embedded in your team’s skillset.

We provide training and consultation on the process as well as direct intervention services for more critical business issues.

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